Friday, February 25, 2011

18 weeks! =]

So.  Where to start.  I know I haven't been the most diligent about keeping updated over here and, for that, I do apologize.

First off, symptom of trimester number two appears to be . . . -drumroll please- . . . migraine headaches!  From about week 15 to week 17, I had some sort of headache on a near-daily basis.  Two of them progressed into full-blown migraines, which was definitely no fun.  But, I've been headache free since Saturday!  So I'm hoping that means Stick and I are growing out of the migraines now. =]

Our 16-week appointment was short and sweet.  We got to hear Stick's heartbeat again and had the quad screening done.  For those of you who don't know what a quad screening is, it's a simple blood test that assesses our risk for genetic deformities.  It's usually administered around 16 weeks.  We go the letter in the mail from our OB a few days ago that everything looks NORMAL!  Go Stick! =]

Our twenty week appointment and gender/anatomy scan are both scheduled for Tuesday, March 8th!  That means, in approximately 11 days, we'll know whether little Stick is a boy or a girl!  Then we can give Stick a real name . . . once we get our real name choices figured out. XD

I have some other updates as well, but I'm short on time at the moment, so I'll check back in within the next couple of days to fill you guys in on everything else that's going on. =]

And, of course, here's your 18 week belly picture!  I still don't look any different with clothes on, but it's pretty inarguable that I'm definitely getting thicker these days!  I'm hoping I'll 'pop' soon so I can sport that baby belly! =]

Oh!  And I got a haircut on Monday!  I was able to donate 13 inches!  Whoot!

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