Friday, March 4, 2011


I just wanted to share a quick milestone. =] I've felt Stick move before, but NOTHING like last night!  I think Stick may have been throwing a party last night!  For about five minutes, I just sat there in awe of this little person moving like crazy inside of me!  It was such an AWESOME feeling!

Also, something else that I wanted to document lest I forget later on, at about 16 weeks, I was researching and discovered that that's the point in a pregnancy in which baby's ear bones are forming which means baby is starting to hear!  I told Kelly this, and since then, he has insisted upon reading Stick a bedtime story each night.  I love it!  He's just as in love with this new little life as I am!

Headaches subdued for a week or so, and now they're back full force.  Blech.  I've been getting them daily again, regardless of how much water I drink.  I went home from work yesterday with a killer migraine and am still home today because I just couldn't shake and, now that the headache's mostly gone, I'm feeling queasier than I have in a long time.  Blech.  I did realize last night though, that we're now almost halfway through the second trimester!  I can't believe how quickly the time has gone since we passed that 12-week mark!  A few more days and we'll officially be halfway there!

We're trying to plan for this summer, but so far, it's not going so hot.  I'm going to be off work without pay for probably two months, and, quite honestly, we're barely getting the bills paid now with both of our incomes.  I'm trying to get a second part-time job so that we can start squirreling away funds for the summer, but so far, it hasn't been going so well.  I'm just hoping that everything works out!  Keep us in your thoughts and prayers that we can manage to find away to afford living those first two months!  After that, we should be fine, it's just to get through to September when I'll start working again.  Uff-da.  Money is definitely a stresser!

Four more days until we find out whether Stick is going to a boy or a girl!  Hopefully Stick cooperates with us on Tuesday!

Oh!  And as far as weight gain goes, I'm starting to put some weight back on, but I'm still a pound or two shy of my pre-pregnancy weight.  The scale read in at 204 this morning and I was a pretty consistent 205 before we got pregnant.  I've read that usually, 1/3 of the weight should be gained by week 20 and the remaining 2/3 should be gained in the second half of pregnancy.  Hmmm.  For some reason, I don't think that's going to be the case for me and Stick!

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