Saturday, April 9, 2011

24 weeks!

So.  Yeah.  It's been a little while again.  But there really hasn't been too much to report.  Our beautiful baby is still growing and kicking.  Our 24-week appointment on Tuesday, April 5th (which also happened to be daddy's 28th birthday!) measured the heartbeat in the 150s (same as always!) and fundal height at 24 centimeters . . . which is right on target of where it should be!

Mommy and daddy finally got their rears in gear and went to Target and set up a registry. =] That was fun . . . although daddy spent most of his time there looking for camouflage items to add.  There wasn't much, but what he could find definitely ended up on the registry!  There were a few moments where he looked at me and said, a pair of overtly camouflage shorts in hand, "Do you think this is too boyish?"  I couldn't help but just smile at him and tell him, "Nah.  We'll pair it with a pink onesie."

We've almost got the nursery ready to start moving things in to.  All we have left to move out is two large bookshelves and they'll be going into our room once we find the energy to tackle them.  We've started move in what few baby things we have.  Quite a few newborn and 0-3 month clothing items have been unpacked, folded, and moved into a dresser in the closet.  Everything that we currently have that's larger than that is packed up in totes in the basement.  Oh!  And it's currently 46 degrees outside.  I think that means it's officially spring!  Which also means that GARAGE SALE season should start soon!  I can't wait to go baby girl shopping over the next couple of months!

Mommy still isn't showing much.  On one hand, I'm grateful, since that's just less time that I get to be uncomfortable.  But on the other hand, I'm a little envious of those women with their beautiful baby bumps!  I can't wait to sport mine!  To prove my point, here's a (roughly) 24-week belly picture that I took this morning:

Yes, there has definitely been some changes since the first few pictures I posted, but, I'm still at the point where anyone who didn't know that I was pregnant wouldn't suspect a thing just by looking at me!  My doctor swears I'll start bumping out by 28 weeks . . . but she said that I would probably start showing by my 24-week appointment as well, and that didn't happen.  So we shall see!

Mommy has been extra tired lately.  We're not in the best financial place, so we realized shortly after we got pregnant that there was no way we would be able to survive on a single income for six weeks.  Meaning, Mommy is now working two jobs in an effort to put aside money for this summer.  I spend my days at the Head Start and most of my evenings cashiering at Wal-mart now.  This means loooong days.  I put in four 14-hour days this week!  Sleeping in DEFINITELY felt glorious this morning!

It will only be this way until the school year ends though and then my schedule at the Head Start will be much more flexible and forgiving.  Only forty more days of a crazy schedule!  I'm tempted to break out the construction paper and make a paper chain so I can count them down!  But it will definitely all be worth it in the end.  Being able to take those six weeks off and NOT worry one bit about finances will be wonderful and we'll be able to focus all our attention on this beautiful little life that has graced ours!  Daddy has a fair amount of PTO saved up as well, so he's going to be able to take three or four weeks off as well.  I'm so excited for that time right after Brooklyn is born!

One other interesting happenstance that I wanted to bring up was weight gain.  Or lack thereof.  I was certain by now I'd be at least starting to pack on the pounds (we're almost to end of the second trimester!) but nope. I weighed myself this morning and was still down three or four pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.  I'm honestly starting to wonder if I'm going to come out of this pregnancy weighing LESS than I went into it weighing!  It doesn't matter one way or the other to me, it just surprises me that this is the one time in my life when I honestly EXPECTED to gain weight . . . and so far, nothing!

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