Monday, May 2, 2011

Third trimester!

Yep!  That's right!  We've officially hit the third trimester.  =]  As I type this, little Brooklyn is now 27 weeks and  5 days along, weighing in at roughly two pounds (as my week-by-week updates tell me).  Mommy is baaaarely showing at this point and, with the right wardrobe, it's still definitely easily hidden.

Weight gain is up a whopping two pounds last I checked.  We go in tomorrow for our 28-week appointment and Mommy gets screened for gestational diabetes.  Eek!  Wish us luck!  I feel that it could go either way, I've had one heck of a sweet tooth for the better part of this pregnancy and I know that I've indulged far more often than I should!  We're just keeping our fingers crossed that we don't have to do injections, because Daddy would definitely have to do them!  Mommy has a very slight phobia of needles and would have a VERY difficult time having to give herself shots every day!

The nursery is starting to take shape (as it has been for the past two months . . . I may have mentioned this already).  We don't have much to move in yet, but through the very kind generosity of many people, Brooklyn does have a fairly extensive wardrobe all the way up to size 5T already!  The newborn and 0 - 3 month clothing has been neatly organized and tucked away into her closet and everything else has been organized, tucked into totes, labelled, and moved down to the basement for the time being.

The baby shower has been tentatively set for June 5th.  Mommy doesn't have many more details than that at this point, but she has requested that weekend off from work!  Which is definitely a step in the right direction. Speaking of work, only two and half more weeks of working seventy hours a week!  Whoot!  The preschool school year ends on May 20th and then Mommy will finally be able to get some rest back into her schedule again.  =]  Mommy still hasn't told Wal-mart about Brooklyn yet, but that's the plan for some time this week!  Perhaps on Wednesday.  Better to get the leave of absence paperwork filed before it's too obvious . . . although I'm starting to wonder if it's ever going to get seriously obvious!

Oh!  Another fun development.  We can now see little Brooklyn move from the OUTSIDE!  About a week ago, Daddy and Mommy went to bed and while Daddy was reading us our bedtime story, Mommy looked down at her belly and noticed that it was lopsided!  Apparently little miss Brooklyn was hanging out on Mommy's right side that night and it definitely looked a little strange.  =]

Also, just a shout out to anyone reading this that has contributed to our baby experience.  THANK YOU!  There have been SO MANY kind people in regards to donating clothes, formula, support, etc. that I don't think that I could even possibly name them all!  Just please know that Mommy, Daddy, and most of all, little Brooklyn, THANK YOU for your support as we embark on this new adventure in our lives. =]

And, with that (as Brooklyn is trying to kick the laptop off of my lap) we wish you all a wonderful good night. =] We will keep you posted!

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