Monday, November 29, 2010

5 weeks!

Little 'Stick' is still sticking in there and the two of us have definitely had an eventful week! =] All the future grandmas, grandpas, great-grandmas, uncles, and aunts are aware of Stick's existence and they're all pretty excited about it!  And if that wasn't enough, Mommy managed to celebrate a holiday, turn another year older (The big 2-4!), AND finish most of her Christmas shopping for the year! Whew!

As promised, since today marks a new week in Stick's existence, here's a new belly pic to document Stick's growth and progress.

Mommy doesn't really see much of a change yet, and if there is one at all, she blames it on all the turkey that she ate last Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Four-day Thanksgiving for the win!  The part in this week and last week's pictures that you don't see (and won't either for that matter) documents a bit more growth.  Mommy is definitely in need of upgrading her bras because her current ones just don't seem to be cutting it these days!  Thankfully, she picked up a duo of them for mega-cheap when she was Black Friday shopping so hopefully those will do the trick for a couple of months!

Oh!  And another accomplishment this past weekend was scheduling our first prenatal appointment!  Mommy and baby will be going in on December 15th and (hopefully) Daddy and Mommy will be able to get their first glimpses of Stick in the form of an ultrasound that day!  I was hoping to get in earlier, but my Ob/Gyn doesn't have a single open appointment until December 15th @ 2 p.m.!  And now that one is taken too.  At that point, we'll be at 7 weeks and 2 days, so I'm really hoping we can get some nice pictures on the ultrasound. =]

As far as symptoms go, I've actually been feeling pretty good.  The 'girls' are in substantial amounts of pain, I've been pretty seriously exhausted lately, and I swear I'm in the bathroom at least once an hour, but other than those three, all of the other ones have tapered off a bit.  I still know Stick is doing okay because I opted to use that one last EPT that was sitting in my drawer and the test line showed up even before the control line. =]  (The test line is the one on the left . . . the darker one.)

Yeah, shoddy picture I know, but HCG levels are definitely still continuing to rise!  The test line showed up fast and dark and, since I find myself in the bathroom so often these days, the urine used to test definitely had not been held for more than 45 minutes or so!

A very exciting milestone that we reached today is that we are definitely out of the danger zone for this being a chemical pregnancy!  That is very exciting because 70% of pregnancies that are lost are lost before the 5 week mark, Sticks odds of sticking in there for the whole 9 months are going up!  Go Stick go!  Currently, our odds of sticking in there are 90% and, once we hit one more week and are able to claim the six week mark, our odds of making it to viability are 95%!  Grow Stick Grow!  I can't wait to meet you next summer. =]

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