Sunday, November 21, 2010


It is now 1 p.m. and I have found something that I'm sure is going to amuse me for the entire rest of the day.  A baby registry!  I've been looking through the babysrus website for a couple of hours and there are so many things that we're going to need that I hadn't even thought of yet!  I'm creating a babysrus registry on-line and then I'm guessing we'll probably create a Wal-mart baby registry or something later on for people who don't like to shop on-line that we know. =] For the time being, I'm just picking everything in gender-neutral colors because, clearly, we don't know the gender yet.  And then, after we do find out the gender in, oh, February or so, we may go back through and add some more gender-specific items in.  I'm kind of liking the idea that Kelly and I find out what gender it is in February and then we wait to tell anyone else until it's born.  I'll have to run that idea by him when I see him again on TUESDAY. As I said in my previous post, he's at work all day today and then going to a concert with his mom afterwards, and then, tomorrow, I work days and he works evenings so he'll be long gone by the time that I get home from work.

Out of all of the items that I've stumbled upon on babysrus, this item has got to be by far my favorite!

It's a 'Diaper Dude Diaper Bag' for Dads!  I'm fairly certain that Kelly is going to need one.  It made me laugh pretty sincerely.  I haven't shown it to him yet because he's at work.  Maybe I'll e-mail him the link.

Yep.  So I'm going to be adding items to our registry the rest of the day if anyone needs me!  Suggestions from any 'already moms' out there about things that I'm probably going to need but not realize until AFTER the baby is here?

EDIT:  Oh!  And if anyone wants to come stalk my registry, our registry # is 46219282 at!

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