Saturday, November 20, 2010

Telling the Parents!

Currently, there are three people that know about our pregnancy (that is, aside from the two of us, the doctor, and most of the on-line world).  Those three people are my husband's step-mother, my best friend, and one of my co-workers.

My best friend, Heather, has been with me every single step of the way.  I've probably cried on her shoulder more times than I've cried on Kelly's, just because I was trying to do my best to stay strong for him.  That woman has saved my sanity more times than I could ever thank her for.  My husband's step-mother, Nancy, knows as well.  She knew about our struggle with infertility.  We're very open about it and she's an amazing support system. =] She texted me the day after we got our first bfp (see pic on previous post) commenting on everything that we had to go through to get this baby.  Well, OF COURSE I had to tell her!  She's been helping me share my excitement these past few days while we do our best to keep it a secret for a while longer!  And one of my co-workers knows because I missed Thursday and Friday of work and felt the need to explain my absence. XD I trust her whole-heartedly with the information until we're ready to tell everyone ourselves. =]

We had originally been hoping to keep it a secret until we were safely into our second trimester, but I just don't think it's going to happen that way.  My mother-in-law happened to be with my husband when he picked up the 3-pack of FRER tests the other day and my sister-in-law called the next morning subtly wondering about them, I doubt we're going to be able to get through Thanksgiving next Thursday without encountering 'the alcohol test' on multiple occasions. So we decided we're just going to go with it. =]

Assuming everything is still hunky-dory by Thanksgiving, we picked up some baby bibs to give to our parents to let them know that we're pregnant. =]

We're going to gift wrap them and present them as early Christmas presents!  By that point, we'll be just shy of five weeks, so the danger of this being a chemical pregnancy will be past at least.  While I was on my way home from my doctor's appointment yesterday, I stopped by Wal-mart and picked up "What To Expect When You're Expecting."  One of the bits of information that it gave in there (I haven't read the whole thing yet) was to THINK POSITIVE!  So that's exactly what Kelly and I are doing for now!  As of right now, I am most definitely pregnant, so we're going to go ahead and plan ahead!  This baby is GOING to STICK!  We're comfortable telling the parents so early (and then, by default, the siblings and grandparents as well), because even if something does happen (which it WON'T!) it would be nice to have those shoulders to cry on as well (even though that's NOT going to happen!).  We're going to tell Kelly's dad on Wednesday evening (we're going over there for supper and, as I said, his step-mom already knows), his Mom on Thursday at Thanksgiving, and my parents on Friday after Black Friday/birthday shopping (It's my 24th birthday on Friday!).  I'm excited for their reactions! =]

While we were picking up the grandma/grandpa bibs, they also had a three-pack of bibs that was ON-SALE for 1/2 price that was pretty darn appropriate for us.

  We are a very outdoorsy couple and my husband's favorite color (I know it's not really a color) is camouflage!  And heck, even if it ends up being a girl, she'll probably be a tom-boy anyways. =]  

A couple of years ago, I was in a little gift shop miles from home on a school trip and there was a little pink camouflage shirt that said 'Future Hunter' on it.  I bought it.  Just because I knew that I probably would never be able to find it again!  That's the only article of baby clothing that I've boughten up until this day, and now I have free reign (financial constraints notwithstanding) to buy whatever baby things I want!  I can't even begin to describe how excited I am!  How excited we are actually, I should say!  Kelly has been ridiculously adorable since the doctor confirmed the pregnancy yesterday (he'd be appalled if he knew I was typing this!).  He's so concerned and thoughtful!  He worked a ten-hour shift today and then wouldn't even let me cook supper!  He was determined to come home and make supper for me even though I've been at home basically sitting on my butt all day and he was working. So I let him.  And while he was making supper, he over-analyzed the labels on EVERYTHING making sure that it was pregnancy-friendly. "You can have this, right?"  "Are you sure this okay?"  And he keeps just smiling and rubbing my belly like I'm a good luck charm or something. =] He's about the cutest, proudest thing I've ever seen right now!

Oh!  And I also wanted to summarize my two-week wait symptoms here for any of the other women who are following this that are still working on their miracle. =] The first thing that I noticed was that my Metformin (for the Insulin Resistance) tasted different.  Whereas, before it had never had a taste at all, it suddenly tasted like floral perfume.  I thought it was the strangest thing!  But I kept taking it anyways.  Also, just a day or two before I tested, I had a round of cramping that lasted for just a few minutes that led me to believe that my period was indeed on it's way, but no spotting, no blood, no nothing.  Also, there was a 'heaviness' around the area of my uterus that I attributed to my body getting ready to bleed.  Other than that, nothing.  Now that I've found out though, I've been 'hyper' aware of my uterus, almost as if I can feel it stretching.  It's not quite the same as cramping though, similar, but different.

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